Next level website design.Here in Dubbo NSW.

15 years experience in website design. 8 years servicing Dubbo.

Ricky has been designing websites for over 15 years. He has seen many changes in the way websites are made. He knows what a good website design is. The skills and insights Ricky has learnt can be invaluable to projects from simple one page scrolling small business websites to large multi-page informational sites.

Save time and money with rapid design standard.

The processes Ricky uses to build a new website or redesign an existing one, allow for a rapid design that can cut time down drastically with exceptional results. With the latest software and design techniques, Ricky is able to take a site that used to take him 30 hours to build, and build it in under fourteen.

Ricky guarantees good design.

Ricky pushes pixels in his sleep. Constantly treading the line between time and precision. With the software he uses, he guarantees you won’t have to pay a fortune for a high grade site that will knock the socks off the competition. It’ll look a million dollars, but not cost it.

Ricky will do the writing.

Ricky has two talents; design and storytelling. Some designers expect the client to do the ad copy. Ricky's goal is to gather the necessary information to tell the stories which are most compelling to your customers, to motivate them to use your products or services ahead of the competition. It's part of the service.

Winning social and search strategies. Great SEO standard.

Ricky is not at a loss to tell you that he has had his fair share of wins on Facebook and Google for his clients and himself. Depending on your type of business and what you wish to achieve online, wins can and do happen and money can be made. Ricky can get you on the first page of Google locally 95% of the time.

Mobile ready responsive design standard.

All Dubbo.IT website designs are responsive. This means they have a different layout on mobiles and tablets. Particularly suited to that type of device. It also ensures your Google ranking won’t get discounted due to device compatibility issues.

Ricky uses the best, most popular tools.

A tradesman is nothing without his tools and Ricky feels the same. Tools with great functionality, add-ons and documentation make taking an idea and turning it into a winning site a breeze in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

Website & email support and troubleshooting.

No clients are left high and dry. Ricky provides support for all his sites and hosted emails. So if and when things go wrong, you don’t have to figure things out for yourself. He'll even teach you how to do your own Wordpress Web Designing, so you can do your own updates and minor changes.

"Ricky did a good job of understanding, laying out logically and conveying content of technical nature to clients when writing the website. He did this in a surprisingly short time so costs were less than expected. With one person doing jobs normally split over a team, management and communication costs were very low."

- David Allen, Geophysicist @ Groundwater Imaging Pty Ltd

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